October 31, 2017

Three releases in one year? Shocking, I know. This record has been in the works for several years - both STNNNG and CHILD BITE managed to record full length albums since this project was initially conceived. Not sure how much I need to tell you about this record, but it's a killer 5 song 1-sided LP with a multi-color silk-screened A side and it rules. Crazy art by Shawn Knight. 3 of STNNNG's final songs and 2 from CHILD BITE recorded by Wes Borland. Yep, pretty wild stuff. Anyhow, go listen to it, buy it, or do whatever you gotta do HERE

Hey, another release in 2017! (and there's actually one more already at the plant...) This is a brand new full length from a "new" Chicago band called ENGINES. We are particularly proud of this release because, hey, I am actually in this band! ENGINES is a five piece noisy indie/punk rock band from Chicago. Originally conceived as a solo project for Philadelphia-based songwriter Craig Woods (TOWERS, ELDER, PETER AND CRAIG, TWO PIECE FEST) under the moniker HOT BAGELS, Woods moved to Chicago in 2014 and soon recruited fellow east coast transplants Lee Zickwolf (RIBBONHEAD, COSTANZA) and Jeff Twietmeyer (ALMOST ARGYLE) and Chicago native Justin Wexler (STILLWELL, FORGE AGAIN RECORDS) as permanent fixtures of the band. After two years of performing and writing as a four piece, they decided to add a full-time vocalist to the mix. Emily Jancetic (HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, LONGDISTANCERUNNER), once lovingly described as the “the Kelly Clarkson of post-hardcore” by All Music Guide, joined in 2016. And thus ENGINES was born. ENGINES plays a brand of indie/punk rock that is is loud but not lacking in dynamics. Noisy, but beautiful, Chaotic, but calm. Dissonant, yet melodic. Obsolete is the complete expression of all of these elements spread out over twelve songs that stand alone but also flow into one another over the course of thirty-six minutes. Recorded and mixed by Neil Strauch at Shirk Studios (with additional recordings by Pete Grossman and Andy Nelson at Bricktop as well as Craig Woods at Kildare and his home). Mastered by Carl Saff, with amazing artwork by Shawn Knight. This is a split release between Forge Again Records, Be Happy Records, Middle Man Records, Killer Tofu Records, and 4UBRO Records. First press LP is limited to 280 copies on mixed random colored vinyl and 20 Wax Mage copies TBD. Pre-orders will begin shipping in early August. We suggest you check it out and pre-order it from one of those awesome labels or the band immediately! https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/obsolete
We're back to work in 2017 with an amazing new full length from Chicago's SALVATION. Blending together elements of noise rock, punk, and grunge, SALVATION has cultivated a rare sound that is injected with strikingly inventive vocals and instrumentation. With their 2017 Forge Again Records nine-song debut LP Sore Loser, SALVATION further refines the sound found on their 2015 Cold Slither Tapes debut Royal Fucks. Like their previous effort, Sore Loser was recorded completely live, showcasing the band’s raw fervor and painstaking attention to performance perfection and detail. The vocals are raw and commanding, seeming to simultaneously invoke both aggression and agony. The rhythm section remains the strong, sludgy backbone of the album, driving each song forward as the vocals ebb, flow, and meander throughout. Sore Loser was recorded by Joe Gac at Kildare Studios and mastered by Carl Saff with cover art by Smith Smith. The first pressing of the LP is limited to just 311 copies on random colored vinyl. We suggest you check it out and pre-order it immediately! https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sore-loser



sore loser