FAR-029 Father Phoenix "Large Bodies" LP/CD

Release date: June 9, 2009

01. Brothers of Fire
02. Plunderstorm
03. Starless
04. Large Bodies(Stay Horizon Bound)

Recorded and mixed at Howl Street by Shane Hochstetler
Mastered at Mastermind by Trevor Sadler
Front cover embroidery by Rebecca Tanner
Layout by Justin Thomas Kay (justinthomaskay.com)


Tyler Chicorel - Drums/Vocals
Keith Stendler - Hammond Organ
Ryan Marszalek - Electric Bass
Kristopher Maedke-Russell - Electric Guitar/Vocals




Father Phoenix - Large Bodies


Who? Father Phoenix is an energetic Milwaukee quartet signed to Chicago’s Forge Again records. So far they’ve been kicking around for about 5 years, putting out one full-length and this EP. How is it? It’s good. Riffy, garage-leaning punk that takes cues from ‘70’s rock and the dudes from the ‘90’s who tried to revive ‘70’s rock (like Clutch), every track would be good to open a beer to (and none of your hipster PBR crap, either.) The EP is brief, but it packs a fist-pumping punch in tracks like the opener “Brothers of Fire”, with a stomping verse and Tom Morello-esque chorus riff bound to initiate some moderate-to-heavy head banging. Vocally, the group comes off like a beefed-up Molly Hatchet (which is a compliment). Musically, subtle nuances such as the Doors keyboard organ bubbling under the mix in the title track become more apparent on repeat listens. What’s first and foremost are the grooves, which are plenty. - Eric Loranger, absolutepunk.net

Groovy yet modestly imposing, Large Bodies finds Milwaukee's Father Phoenix delving even further into the beefiness of past musical genres. The 15-minute "full-length" may seem rather succinct but as the rich choruses and slinky verses roll along it becomes obvious that the quartet have packed more information into these four tracks than most bands manage in 16. Cranking the fuzzy Orange amps and embracing Priestess's use of sweet yet haunting melodies over a Deep Purple-esque organ gives Large Bodies a decidedly '70s boogie rock feel, yet there's a little more aggression in tunes such as "Brothers Of Fire" and "Starless" than most bell-bottomed, denim vest-sporting dudes generally manage to unleash. Which isn't to say that Father Phoenix equal the sordid bombast of, say, Dukes Of Nothing, but they're certainly striving for, and coming close to, that lecherous territory. - Keith Carman, exclaim.ca

Father Phoenix, a Milwaukee foursome comprising members of Call Me Lightning, Temper Temper and Insidious, play rock `n' roll the way it was intended to be played loud, fast and intense. The group's newest EP, Large Bodies, is made up of four songs that rumble, slash and destroy. With the feisty energy of MC5 and the burly proto-metal muscle of Black Sabbath, Father Phoenix play a supremely heavy and just-so-slightly psychedelic brand of rock that brings the house down, sets it on fire and then does a pagan dance around the ashes. "Brothers of Fire" is an incredible rock anthem with meaty riffs and soaring vocal harmonies, while "Starless" is a dizzying riff-stravaganza that propels straight into one badass chorus. And closer "Large Bodies (Stay Horizon Bound)" is a monster, a driving heavy metal stomp that plows through everything in its path, but with a smile, of course. Get in their way and you're bound to get bowled over, but even as you peel yourself off the pavement, you'll be grinning and begging for more. - Jeff Terich, treblezine.com

There is one word to describe this and that word is ‘bitchin’’. This EP is totally bitchin’ without question. It is authoritatively bitchin’. Actually, perhaps I ought to elaborate. The organ that often takes the lead for many of these songs is beyond bitchin’. There are four songs here and imagine if you will Clutch, Deep Purple, and the Blues Brothers all jamming as one to bring forth one of the bitchinest project bands I’ve heard in quite song time. You remember that movie, “Nothing But Trouble” where Dan Akroyd played the demented old judge in the middle of nowhere? OK, you probably don’t. Just bear with me. There’s a scene where that old hip-hop group Digital Underground makes an appearance and plays a song in his court and Dan Akroyd busts out an ancient Hammond-style organ and begins playing along. It’s like they resurrected that organ and hooked up a Big Muff fuzz pedal on it and went to town, ushering forth the songs that make up this debut EP. Well done Father Phoenix. I will erect a chicken wire fence in your honor across the stage should you ever grace my town with your presence. Ryan Canavan, hanginghex.blogspot.com

Everything you loved about 70s hard rock is alive and well with Father Phoenix as they display even prog-ier tendencies with added Hammond wailing on their epic new EP Large Bodies. Recorded and mixed at Howl Street Studios with Shane Hochstetler and mastered at Mastermind Studios by Trevor Sadler, Large Bodies is thick, raucous and relentless. Digging into epic metal scenarios where “waters wake up on starless nights / glory sleeps in starless lives” (”Starless”), Father Phoenix has created a lyrical backdrop that reflects a caustic cauldron of sound that sweeps and swirls from beginning to end. - Erin Wolf, fan-belt.com



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