This took several years to finally happen, but we're very glad that it did! After killer one-sided splits with Baltimore's DOPE BODY (RIP) and Indy's WE ARE HEX (RIP), CHILD BITE is ready to retire yet another band. This time, Minneapolis' favorite sons (ok, maybe second favorite after PRINCE) STNNNG! Sadly, STNNNG played their last show back in September. However, this will serve as their swan song - one last batch of unreleased songs recorded before their most recent album but that have never seen the light of day until now. As you have probably come to expect, this bad boy is a 1-sided LP with 5 songs (3 STNNNG, 2 CB) and an insane silk-screened A-side with artwork by Shawn Knight. I don't think there's much else we need to say about this. Limited to 533 copies (240 each on clear/black vinyl and purple/blue vinyl with 51 purple/blue nebula Wax Mage records as well), grab this while you can.

5 songs | LP


ENGINES is a five piece noisy indie/punk rock band from Chicago. Originally conceived as a solo project for Philadelphia-based songwriter Craig Woods (TOWERS, ELDER, PETER AND CRAIG, TWO PIECE FEST) under the moniker HOT BAGELS, Woods moved to Chicago in 2014 and soon recruited fellow east coast transplants Lee Zickwolf (RIBBONHEAD, COSTANZA) and Jeff Twietmeyer (ALMOST ARGYLE) and Chicago native Justin Wexler (STILLWELL, FORGE AGAIN RECORDS) as permanent fixtures of the band. After two years of performing and writing as a four piece, they decided to add a full-time vocalist to the mix. Emily Jancetic (HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, LONGDISTANCERUNNER), once lovingly described as the “the Kelly Clarkson of post-hardcore” by All Music Guide, joined in 2016. And thus ENGINES was born. Obsolete, the debut full length from ENGINES, was recorded over several weekends in late 2016 by Neil Strauch (JOAN OF ARC, OWLS) at Shirk Studios in Chicago, with vocals recorded by Pete Grossman and Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recordings and additional instrumentation recorded by Craig Woods at the band’s Kildare Studios practice space. ENGINES plays a brand of indie/punk rock that is is loud but not lacking in dynamics. Noisy, but beautiful, Chaotic, but calm. Dissonant, yet melodic. Obsolete is the complete expression of all of these elements spread out over twelve songs that stand alone but also flow into one another over the course of thirty-six minutes. This is a split release between Forge Again Records, Be Happy Records, Middle Man Records, Killer Tofu Records, and 4UBRO Records. First press LP is limited to 280 copies on mixed random colored vinyl and 20 Wax Mage copies TBD. Pre-orders will begin shipping in early August.

12 songs | LP


Blending together elements of noise rock, punk, and grunge, Chicago’s SALVATION has cultivated a rare sound that is injected with strikingly inventive vocals and instrumentation. With their 2017 Forge Again Records nine-song debut LP Sore Loser, SALVATION further refines the sound found on their 2015 Cold Slither Tapes release Royal Fucks. Like their previous effort, Sore Loser was recorded completely live, showcasing the band’s raw fervor and painstaking attention to performance perfection and detail. The vocals are raw and commanding, seeming to simultaneously invoke both aggression and agony. The rhythm section remains the strong, sludgy backbone of the album, driving each song forward as the vocals ebb, flow, and meander throughout. Sore Loser was recorded by Joe Gac at Kildare Studios and mastered by Carl Saff with cover art by Smith Smith. The first pressing of the LP is limited to just 311 copies on random colored vinyl with full color covers and a digital download code included. Obviously you can also check it out on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, or anywhere else too once it drops on March 31, 2017.

9 songs | LP


“Rock music for people who like rock music” is how Detroit natives DESTROY THIS PLACE describe their upcoming third album Animal Rites. Considering their influences range from the breakneck melodicism of Zen Arcade-era HUSKER DU to the heavy riffing heard on early METALLICA records, they seem to know their audience. Loud and aggressive yet melodic and harmonious, Animal Rites is not necessarily “power-pop” but rather powerful pop music played by guys who cut their teeth on a mixture of classic rock radio, punk 45s, thrash videos on Headbangers Ball, the first wave of grunge, and mixtapes full of killer indie rock. DESTROY THIS PLACE (featuring former members of Frenchkiss Records spazpunks THUNDERBIRDS ARE NOW! and Midwest indie stalwarts NEW GRENADA) recorded Animal Rites in 4 days with the help of current loud-rock go-to guy Justin Pizzoferrato (SPEEDY ORTIZ, DINOSAUR JR., SONIC YOUTH )at Sonelab Studios in Easthampton, MA. Mastered by Carl Saff. First press limited to 320 copies on blue/green marbled vinyl with full jackets, full lyric insert sheets and a digital download code included. Obviously you can also check it out on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, or anywhere else too.

11 songs | LP


Detroit's premiere punk/metal/hardcore hybrid, originally formed in 1999, released 3 brand new songs in late 2014, their first since the 2006 release "Dance.Pretend.Forget.Defend" via Thorp Records. Available exclusively as a digital EP from Forge Again Records. You can buy/stream it on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

3 songs | digital EP


Hardcore as a genre has always had its musical limitations. Bands and fans alike have enforced those formulas. So when bands drift from those paths the results can be a mix of intense experiences with loose boundaries. As Parker Langvardt of Epitonic put it, Chicago’s LASERS AND FAST AND SHIT “fit this rare category with their immediate energy and mixed influences, touching on sounds of hardcore bands like DRIVE LIKE JEHU, early work from THE MEN, and experimental punk like BELLINI." Besides having one of the best band names in the world, LASERS AND FAST AND SHIT also have what Tiny Grooves described as “one hell of a propulsive fiery art damaged punk sound. Mix in the brash angular punk of LES SAVY FAV, the garage thump of the MISTREATERS, the hardcore thrash of DOUBLE DAGGER and the noise riffing of DRIVE LIKE JEHU.... and maybe throw in some BIG BLACK, NATION OF ULYSSES and JESUS LIZARD for good measure..... what you get is some of the most engaging hardcore tinged punk rock that doesn't follow those boring old formulas." LP is limited to 200 copies on red vinyl with full color sleeves. Includes a DL code as well. Get on it! You can also buy/stream it on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

15 songs | LP


PINK EYES started in the fall of 2013 when Philadelphia lifer Craig Woods (TOWERS, ELDER, D’AMORE, PETER AND CRAIG, HOT BAGELS) made the move to Chicago, joining fellow Philly ex-pats Dave Pacifico (BALBOA) and MIke Twietmeyer who had made the move a bit earlier. After a few months they picked up Chicago native Justin Wexler (STILLWELL, THREE CHEER FOR ONE DEAD MAN) and PINK EYES was born. After about six months of writing and rehearsal, they recruited Mike Lust to record their debut self-titled full length in the big room at their Kildare Studios practice facility. This debut self-titled LP, a split release between Forge Again Records and Be Happy Records, is a natural extension of PINK EYES’ previous bands. More grown up, more refined, but ultimately a punk/post-hardcore/indie rock hybrid that still feels urgent now but would not have been out of place on the No Idea Records roster in 1998. LP is limited to 300 copies on marbled blue vinyl with full color jackets. Includes a DL code as well. Get on it! You can also buy/stream it on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

10 songs | LP

PINK GUYS - 2343

Chicago's PINK GUYS arose as a side project to their much more famous band PINK EYES. Holed up in their practice space with fellow Pink Eyes member Dave Pacifico out of the country, PINK GUYS wrote and recorded their debut 12 song, 20 minute full length "2343" fueled by seltzer, pop-punk, and a love of simple, efficient songs. Not content to let these songs exist digitally, we pressed a super limited lathe cut 10" on clear vinyl. Limited to just 27 copies with full color covers, the sound isn't fantastic, because that's how lathe cuts work, but they look fantastic and include the lyrics AND the chords for all the songs so you can play along at home. And of course you get a digital download as well. Or you can get it on cassette!

12 songs | 10" lathe cut / CS


Milwaukee's VOLUNTEER hark back to the days when music could be heavy without being “metal”; when power came from the intensity with which a band's members played, not from volume, effects, or (God forbid) theatrics. Their new 4-song 10” Goner perfectly encapsulates their ethos – brutal riffs hammered out with a directness that defies classification or easy comparisons. The 10" features silk-screened covers and is limited to 200 copies on red/black swirled vinyl or 100 copies on black (your choice - mention which you want in the notes) and includes a download code. Split release with VOLUNTEER's own label, Triple Eye Industries. You can stream the whole thing on Bandcamp now. You can also stream it on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

4 songs | 10" EP

FAR-041 LP

Their new full-length, Stylized Violence sees a much more mature and confident OLD GODS continuing down the path they embarked upon with the 2011 release, but with a fury and fire all its own. Like Its predecessor, Stylized Violence is steeped in film tradition: most notably, the horror genre. With vivid and provoking titles like “Slaughtered Vomit Doll”, “Burlesque Suicide” and “Altered States” it’s clear that Tuttle has done his homework. But, what’s more is that his lyrical content is more than just homage. The stark imagery often culled from these films works more like catalysts: propelling his deeper metaphoric meanings and fueling his clever wordplay. Musically, OLD GODS has never been more ferocious. Stylized Violence sees the band exploring the familiar territory of their previous effort, but diving much deeper in the process. Remaining is the band’s fascination with both early 80’s punk and 90’s post-hardcore, but this record also makes several uncharted pit stops along the way. Stylized Violence is a wide spectrum of sounds and styles that represent a true love for all things dirty and distorted. LP is limited to 480 copies on pink vinyl with ultra gloss full color jackets, printed Euro innersleeves and 11x11 insert. Includes a DL code as well. CD comes in a beautiful tri-fold digipak. Get on it! You can also buy/stream it on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

12 songs | LP / CD


HOSPITAL GARDEN is a streak of pop core wrapped in the unassuming dirty frustration of an era when Reagan anguish had yielded to resigned Reagan fatigue. They are exemplifying the rebellious good that was at the heart of what became labelled "alternative" in the first place. But HOSPITAL GARDEN is not a historical reenactment of the alternative scene. They are diligent students of what has come before, but with a new vision for resistance - resisting the temptation to disintegrate into weirdness, incoherence and fake frame glasses. Resisting the temptation to be boring and lame. A true alternative to that which presently dominates our attention strapped ears and eyeballs. Their third full-length Mover finds them solidfying their sound with the familiar lineup of Lucas Hollow (guitar, vocals), Sarah Carey (bass, vocals, lead vocals on “Pragmatic” and “Null”), and Erik Rasmussen (drums), who also engineered, mixed and mastered the record. Mover is both poppier and weirder than their previous album Haunter, but in a good way. At times, the guitars get a little cleaner, but the album is still aggessive and loud at all the right times. The first press of the LP was limited to 100 copies on 180g marbled blue vinyl and included a free download. Second press was limited to 30 copies on dark grey vinyl. Then we did 10 more with silkscreened covers. Youcan buy/stream it on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

11 songs | LP


This is the second record in Child Bite's unofficial no-timeline-necessary one-sided split 12" series. This beast features 2 of the gnarliest Child Bite songs yet, "Gang Omega" and "Sick and Subhuman" as well as two new songs from Indy's dark swamp rockers We Are Hex "Grape Moulth" and "I Wanna Be Your Dealer." You can stream the whole thing right now here or you can just take your chances and trust us that this record is amazing. Ridiculous 4-color silkscreened B-side art by Shawn Knight and printed by Sir Clance at Progress Custom Screen Printing. This tiny picture doesn't do it justice, so check out this one. Even bigger pictures on the Bandcamp page. There are 500 total LPs pressed. 350 on stolen van green/clear split vinyl. 150 on stale piss gold/clear split vinyl. Pressed in the USA courtesy of United. Out of print but you can also buy/stream it on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

4 songs | split LP


In 2006, with the departure of his bandmates and the dissolution of label Southern Records, producer/head Phantom Mike Lust set out on a free-association songwriting kick that would lend itself to two separate song cycles. The working title from day one was Silk Prison. Recorded entirely in Lust's Phantom Manor studio, it wouldn't be until Spring 2009 that he had enough material to tie the two discs together in a cohesive manner. The result, Silk Prison, is a return to the long forgotten album format, a direct defiance of today's disposable mp3 generation. Though it's a dark trip, it carries the same self-deprecating thread as classic drunken Replacements channeled through Sabbath. There's noise, psychedelia, and all the classic reference points of any great record collection. This 36 song beast comes as a limited colored vinyl gatefold double LP and includes a high quality download code. The album is split into two parts on Bandcamp so make sure you get both! If you order the vinyl, you'll get a DL code for one part automatically and the other will be emailed to you shortly thereafter. You can also buy/stream it on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

36 songs | 2xLP


Inspired by The Jesus Lizard, obscure horror movies, and Mudgie's Deli, OLD GODS have pulled together an almost entirely live-recorded introductory self-titled EP. Consisting of Jeff Tuttle (Dillinger Escape Plan, Heads Will Roll), Randall Kupfer (The Armed), Tony Wolski (The Armed), and Derek Swanson (Heads Will Roll, 7000 Dying Rats), Old Gods is a crushing union of Detroit punk veterans. This record runs the gamut from loud, heavy riffs drenched in feedback and aggression to spaced-out noisy freak-outs…drenched in feedback and aggression. Raw and urgent music at its finest. LP is limited to 530 copies on red vinyl with a silk-screened B-side with a full color jacket and insert. Includes a free DL as well. You can also buy/stream it on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

6 songs | LP


Killer split 7" from Detroit's DESTROY THIS PLACE and Chicago's(by way of Dayton, OH) HOSPITAL GARDEN. Two bands that definitely bring us back to the glory days of the early 90s indie alt rock scene. The split 7" features two brand new songs from each band. You can stream the entire thing right now on Bandcamp! The record is limited to just 340 copies on clear vinyl and includes full color covers and labels as well as a high quality DL code.

4 songs | split 7"


The ultimate team-up from Detroit's CHILD BITE and Baltimore's DOPE BODY in support of their November 2011 tour. CHILD BITE serves up two brand new songs with new drummer Ben Moore while DOPE BODY unleashes a fantastic new recording of three songs from their original 2009 cassette. It's brutal, baby. This one-sided LP features a 4 color silk-screened A-side with insane original art by Shawn Knight. LPs pressed in the USA by Bill Smith Custom Records. Silk-screened by Progress Custom Screen Printing. First press limited to 320 or so on blue, green, and yellow vinyl. Second press limited to 136 on clear vinyl. Third press (VEGAN PIZZA) on red/black vinyl limited to 158 copies. Fourth and final press on red/black dark vinyl with new print variant limited to 177 copies available now.

5 songs | split LP


The Living Breathing Organ Summer is the brand new LP from Detroit's CHILD BITE. Like a perfectly balanced amphetamine drunk, The Living Breathing Organ Summer exudes euphoria, urgency, baseless paranoia and a mild sense of vertigo. With their most recent effort, CHILD BITE seems to have thrown caution to the wind - mashing their punk vigor with avant-garde ideals into a no-fluff sound that is both consistently danceable and brazenly psychotic. Features an ex-member of Wafflehouse* and Rescue. Split release with Joyful Noise Recordings. First press was limited to 198 copies on white vinyl and 268 copies on marbled grey vinyl (out of print). LPs pressed in the USA by Bill Smith Custom Records. Each LP includes a code for a high quality MP3 download of the album. Second press limited to just 77 copies with the same cover, new labels, and on limited sinister blue/black vinyl. Super-small 3rd press coming in 2017! Also available on CD and cassette.

13 songs | LP / CD / CS


Playing aggressive, angular music with nods to Tool and the tastful math-rock of Drive Like Jehu, Milwaukee's HERO OF A HUNDRED FIGHTS makes a strong case for the loud rock revival with their 2001 EP The Remote. The Cold.. Featuring former members of midwest greats Tintoretto, Managra, and Brass Knuckles For Tough Guys, Hero100 created a mix of volume dynamics, thick vocal layering, and concrete rhythms to go along that alternate between Botch-style smash lines and flowing, proficient melodies. Members of Hero100 went on to play in Call Me Lightning, Murder in the Red Barn, and Temper Temper. The EP is now available ten years later for the first time ever on vinyl. Limited to just 125 copies on clear vinyl pressed in the USA. the one-sided silk-screened LP features full color labels in a picture disc sleeve and a free high quality download of the EP.

4 songs | LP


Father Phoenix's final full length features a 10 song of balls to the wall classic rock throwback with plenty of riffage in the vein of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Features former members of Call Me Lightning, Temper Temper, and Insidious. The album was recorded by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings and mastered by Carl Saff. Available exclusively on a digital basis through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

10 songs | digital LP


CHILD BITE’s mutation from a three-piece jam-project to its current incarnation as a full-blown five-piece aural assault squad can be likened to the period in history where the dinosaurs were going extinct. See, just as those giant reptiles were forced to grow wings, fins, and other such attributes, CHILD BITE has morphed with each release. THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY is Cleveland's "superstar art project"-- featuring the song writing force behind LA's NEON KING KONG (GSL Records, percussion from THE BASSHOLES (Merge Records), and additional members from THE CHARGERS STREET GANT (Get Hip) and WHATEVER (Dr. Strange). Sounding as if the GANG OF FOUR violently hijacked JAMES BROWN, TMIBH doesn't need to tell you they're at the Rock and Roll club-you know they're already there! This split 7" is the first in a series of three from Child Bite to coincide with their summer 2009 tours. It features beautiful silk-screened covers and matching blue vinyl. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies and includes a download coupon for high bit rate MP3s of both songs. This record is out of print. Check it digitally.

2 songs | 7"


Following their critically acclaimed 3 song self-titled 10" introduction, Philadelphia's ELDER (featuring members of Philly stalwarts Towers and Balboa) branches out and expands upon the thoughts and ideas that brought them together. Reflect exhibits a culmination of hard work and determination and a retrospective look at the world through the band members' eyes. Described by listeners as encompassing a strong early 90’s indie / screamo sound, ELDER pull their influences from all areas to create music for themselves and lyrics and ideals that are socially and politically aware. Each song and lyric expresses the band's understanding and viewpoint on their lives and expands upon the limitations of what life brings them and what life still has in store for each and every one of us. The LP is limited to 319 copies on gold/black vinyl (made in the USA) and includes a full artwork copy of the CD. CD version also includes a bonus disc of ELDER's debut S/T EP.

6 songs | LP / 2xCD


Some words pinpoint a band's sound perfectly. One such word is 'loud' and one such band is FATHER PHOENIX. Sonically blasting a hard edge of rock into the audio wall of their listeners' ears, the band recently added an organ to fill things out and add an even more intense element of psychedelia to their new material. Adding to the already existent barrage of Sabbath/Deep Purple-esque rock, FATHER PHOENIX's new sound is intensely mesmerizing. Features former members of Call Me Lightning, Temper Temper, and Insidious. The LP is limited to just 300 copies on clear vinyl and features a silk-screened B-side. The LP also comes with a full color jacket as well as a full artwork copy of the CD version as well.

4 songs | LP / CD


FORDIRELIFESAKE's "discography" finally sees the light of day on vinyl. This 2xLP, originally released on CD by Thorp Records, features all of the tracks from the old, out-of-print Fordirelifesake releases. Included on this are the original self-titled EP, as well as tracks from their split CDs with Deluge and Wafflehouse*, their split 7" with Hewhocorrupts and their song from the "For You" compilation CD. All of the tracks were re-mastered and this release absolutely sounds better than the original releases. This 2xLP also features beautiful silk-screened covers, a full color insert with complete lyrics and updated thanks list and is on lime green colored vinyl. First press was 103 copies and is now out of print. Second press on white vinyl with new jacket color scheme limited to 120 copies.

13 songs | 2xLP


FORDIRELIFESAKE's final studio album, Dance.Pretend.Forget.Defend is finally available on vinyl. The LP version is limited to 114 copies on gold vinyl available exclusively through Forge Again Records. Remastered and slightly edited for vinyl, this album features beautiful silk-screened covers and a full color insert with full lyrics. This record is now out of print.

12 songs | LP


This two-song 7" from Chicago's Office features two new tracks of pop-tinged indie rock unavailable anywhere else. In anticipation of their upcoming full length in early 2009, Office recorded two brand-new exclusive tracks for this release with Mike Lust at Phantom Manor in August of 2008. This 7" is limited to just 300 copies on mixed vinyl (135 dark purple, 85 grape, 44 light purple, 23 light grey, 13 olive).

2 songs | 7"


This is the vinyl version of 31knots 2003 album on 54'40 or Fight! Records. Passionate, explorative, and driven by an undercurrent of barely concealed mania, It Was High Time to Escape is a brilliantly composed record, one where whose dramatic flourishes and technical marvel lean the band toward classical music and whose intensity and complex structures are steeped in both post-punk and prog, but are ultimately and convincingly beyond these influences. This LP is limited to just 300 copies on black vinyl and 200 on red vinyl and features full color jackets, insert with lyrics, and a free high quality digital download of the entire album. This record is out of print

10 songs | LP


Consisting of members of underground stalwart Philadelphia acts Balboa and Towers, ELDER extends itself as the melodic undertones of each aforementioned project while creating new and more in-depth musical soundscapes to liven up the current musical climate. Described by listeners as encompassing a strong early 90’s indie / screamo sound, ELDER pull their influences from all areas to create music for themselves and lyrics and ideals that are socially and politically aware. These three songs encompass a barrage of emotions and topics that move in a forward-thinking motion. The first pressing of this 10" is limited to 400 copies (300 w/black cover, 100 w/brown cover) with beautiful silk-screened covers and includes a fan disc CD of the entire EP. This record is out of print but you can get it digitally or get the CD by purchasing a copy of the Reflect 2xCD.

3 songs | 10"+CD


This is the LP version of BNO's debut 6 song CDEP with the addition of a bonus track "The Anatomy of the Journey" taken from the 2002 Forge Again sampler CD. This third pressing was limited to 270 copies on standard black vinyl with new cover color scheme.

7 songs | LP


This is a super limited 140g black vinyl pressing of what amounts to the Dakota/Dakota discography. This 13 track LP contains the entire Shoot in the Dark full length, as well as bonus tracks from the Redline Distribution 2004 sampler, their out of print split 7" with Riddle of Steel, and an unreleased demo track. Also included with the LP is a copy of the Hamburger Help Us 7" sans sleeve, as the two additional 7" tracks wouldn't fit on the LP. Two members of Chicago's now defunct Dakota/Dakota moved on to form Russian Circles, which is the epic progression of Dakota/Dakota. 16 total songs full of that mathy jazzy instrumental indie rock with plenty of tapping and looping. The covers are designed by Jackson Cavanaugh and hand-screened by Nightmare Screen Printing, and this record was limited to just 100 copies and was a mailorder exclusive limited to one per customer. This was a split release with Fudge Sickill Records and Gilead Media. This record is out of print. It is, however, available in its entirety for the first time on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc. The download version features all 13 tracks that appeared on the LP as well as the two non-album tracks from the 7".

15 songs | LP+7"


Soft Skeletons is the sophomore album from Milwaukee's Call Me Lightning, blending spastic guitars with driving no wave rhythms. Call Me Lightning's sound brings together the more frantic moments of The Talking Heads' early days with the freak-out riffs and wild vocal style of The Jesus Lizard. Throw in some lyric styling reminicent of The Minutemen and you have a powerful combination. Recorded by Greg Norman. First pressing limited to 520 copies on clear/blue ghosted vinyl with beautiful full color jackets. CD version available from French Kiss Records.

11 songs | LP


This split features the four tracks from Balboa (Philadelphia) and three from Nitro Mega Prayer (Japan). Both toured together in Japan and again in the United States. Balboa plays chaotic, sometimes melodic hardcore with political lyrics, reminiscent of Majority Rule, Engine Down, and the City of Caterpillar. Nitro Mega Prayer plays a similar brand of caustic yet melodic hardcore with a little higher pitched vocals. Members of Balboa also play in Elder. Layout by Paul K. Romano.

7 songs | split CD


Temper Temper's debut full-length on LP through Forge Again Records. Hailing from Milwaukee, this full length was originally released by Revelation Records in March of 2005. The LP is limited to just 300 copies on marbled yellow vinyl. It features an exclusive track not available on the CD version: a remix of the 7" version of Delicate Pimp. The LP features beautiful black and silver silk-screened covers by the fine folks at Crosshair. Members of Temper Temper played in Insidious, Hero of a Hundred Fights and The Goodboy Suit. Members of Temper Temper went on to play in Father Phoenix and Decibully.

12 songs | LP


Philadelphia's Balboa unleashes four brand new tracks of chaotic sometimes melodic hardcore, reminiscent of Majority Rule, Engine Down, and the City of Caterpillar. Also features a beautiful layout by Jackson Cavanaugh, and one of those infamous fan discs. See if you can spot your favorite neo-con in the artwork.

4 songs | CD


The Trouble We're In, the debut full length from Milwaukee's Call Me Lightning, blends spastic guitars with driving no wave rhythms. Call Me Lightning's sound brings together the more frantic moments of The Talking Heads' early days with the freak-out riffs and wild vocal style of The Jesus Lizard. Throw in some lyric styling reminicent of The Minutemen and you have a powerful combination. The LP was limited to 300 copies on black vinyl with beautiful silk-screened covers. CD available from Revelation.

10 songs | LP


Finally, all of Hewhocorrupts' out of print splits, EPs, and comp tracks are available on one disc. This disc features the HWC tracks from their splits with Fordirelifesake, Infestation of Ass, Third Degree, Don't Worry About It, Godstomper, Wilbur Cobb, and Tusk, as well as the Master of Profits EP, live tracks, the original Optimus Prime demo, as well as a few unreleased tracks from the Ten Steps to Success session. In addition, this updated repress includes the HWC song from the Ryan Durkin for President 7" comp. Hear Hewhocorrupts as they evolve into the leaders of corporate grindcore. 62 tracks, and a picture of Jaffray's dick on the inside. Split release with Fudgesickill Records. 2xLP version is out of print.

62 songs | 2xLP / CD


This is the debut full length from Philadelphia's Balboa. Melodic and chaotic at the same time, combining the best elements of hardcore, indie,and punk rock. Akin to such bands as Majority Rule, City of Caterpillar,and Hopesfall. LP and CD are both out of print. Members of Balboa also play in Elder.

8 songs | LP / CD


The American debut of Hamilton, Ontario's Kitchens + Bathrooms. Math rock with style and melody. Incredibly well crafted songs that are intense and catchy at the same time. Reminscent of Braid, Shellac, and June of 44 at times. Licensed from Sonic Unyon(Canada). Members of Kitchens & Bathrooms went on to play in The Inflation Kills.

11 songs | CD


The masters of corporate grindcore unleash their debut LP. 10 songs of crazy, intricate grind with a groove. The perfect soundtrack for corporate mergers and nailing your secretary. Recorded by Jeremy Lemos and mastered by Alan Douches, the LP is a split release with 625 Thrashcore. It was limited to 1100 songs and is now out of print.

10 songs | LP


This is a double disc set collecting the debut CDEP (Even People and Not the Odds) and full length CD (Volume Plus Volume) from Detroit's now-defunct Rescue. Featuring former members of Wafflehouse*, Fordirelifesake, and Mycomplex. Members of Rescue currently play in The Silent Years, Child Bite, Isles & Glaciers, and We are the Company We Keep. Disc 1 is "Volume Plus Volume," Disc 2 is "Even People..." plus 2 brand new unreleased songs with the current lineup, an original demo, and a remix of Like Spaceships.

19 songs | 2xCD

FORDIRELIFESAKE - breathing is only half the function CD

Fordirelifesake's debut full length. Partially re-recorded, remixed, remastered, with all new artwork by Apt 13. Insane melodic tech guitar work over fast beats, brutal vocals, and melodic backups. This is the way this album was meant to be heard. Both pressings (200 black, 200 clear) of the LP are out of print. CD out of print as well. Members of Fordirelifesake went on to play in Boys Night Out, The Receiving End of Sirens, and Roses Dead and currently play in Blase Splee, Hellmouth, Isles & Glaciers, The Company We Keep, Suicide Machines, Rebel Spies, and the A-Gang.

9 songs | LP / CD


The debut full length from Detroit's Wafflehouse*. They are best described as chaotic, melodic indie rock. Traces of math rock and hardcore as well, but with heavy emphasis on melody and dynamics. Members of Wafflehouse* went on to play in such bands as Rescue and Joiya and currently play in The Silent Years and Child Bite. This is the vinyl version of the classic full length, limited to just 112 hand-numbered copies on colored vinyl and with beautiful silk-screened covers. CD version is out of print!

9 songs | LP / CD


Insane corporate grindcore from the financial district of Chicago. Features ex-members of Kungfu Rick and Authority Abuse. Enhanced CDEP features live show, photo gallery, and tons more. 7" was limited to 500 copies on purple vinyl (430 with full lyric sheets/corporate memos from Tommy Camara himself, 70 with release show covers). Both the CD and 7" are out of print. This EP is, however, available as part of The Discographer, so buy that instead.

5 songs | 7" / CD


Stillwell's debut full length, which came nearly five years after their inception. Chicago-style math rock/post hardcore with the occasional hook. Produced by Mike Lust. Members of Stillwell went on to play in A Tundra, Locks, Three Cheers for One Dead Man, Tirra Lirra, The Winter Me, D. Rider, Joan of Arc, Pink Eyes, and Hot Bagels.

8 songs | CD


The debut release from FDLS, re-issued on Forge Again Records with new artwork. Intense, technical, melodic metal/hardcore/punk hybrid with the occasional mosh part and of course those emotional lyrics. This EP is long out of print, but these songs all appear on "A Daydream Disaster," the discography album collecting Fordirelifesake's splits, EPs, and comp tracks. Available on CD from Thorp or 2xLP right here from Forge Again Records.

4 songs | CD


2001 tour EP from Chicago's Stillwell. Mathy, technical post-hardcore. Also file under "trick rock." Stillwell unleashes a barrel of tricks with this EP. Lots of time changes, stops and starts. Four tracks of staccato guitar and prog chord patterns in 8 short, sweet minutes. First 250 featured black sleeves silkscreend with silver ink. Next 100 featured clear sleeves silkscreened with pink ink. Then 100 with pink and grey cardboard.

4 songs | CD


Crazy, hardcore/screamo from South Dakota featuring members of Spirit of Versailles and Eclipse of Eden. Intense screamed vocals over catchy, yet complex rhythm and guitar work. Both pressings of the LP (300 on black, 500 on red) are out of print. Some copies remaining of the CD.

10 songs | LP / CD


An unlikely teamup from two of Detroit's finest rock bands. Wafflehouse* played crazy, catchy indie rock. Fordirelifesake played technical, melodic punk/hardcore with metal leanings. Yet, they toured together constantly and remain great friends. This split features 2 originals from each band, as well as one "cover" of the other band on the split. Re-press features brand new artwork. The Fordirelifesake songs also appear on their discography album "A Daydream Disaster," available on CD from Thorp and 2xLP from Forge Again Records. Members of Wafflehouse* went on to play in such bands as Rescue and Joiya and currently play in The Silent Years and Child Bite. Members of Fordirelifesake went on to play in Boys Night Out, The Receiving End of Sirens, and Roses Dead and currently play in Blase Splee, Hellmouth, Isles & Glaciers, and We are the Company We Keep.

7 songs | CD


Incredibly melodic, yet at times incredibly hard rocking indie rock with female vocals. Akin to such bands as Rainer Maria but with a Led Zeppelin influence, there was definitely something unique about them. They broke up in 2001 but left behind a bunch of great music. This 5 song EP features 2 songs exclusive to this release and an amazing acoustic version of fan favorite "Rope and Ring." Members went on to play in Chin Up Chin Up and Neon Trees.

5 songs | CD


Melodic, emotional indie rock from the south suburbs of Chicago. Intricate pretty guitars combined with a hard rocking rhythm section. Combines the best elements of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas is the Reason with the pop sensibilities of bands like Zoinks! and Jimmy Eat World. They didn't play a lot of shows, played outside of Illinois approximately once, and broke up years before MySpace and the like. They were ahead of their time and this still stands up as a fantastic EP from a little-known band. Matt (bass) went on to form Tic Tac Totally Records. Dave (drums) currently plays in Damiera and The Alaya Conscious.

5 songs | CD


Chicago team-up from two defunct Chicago bands. This was Stillwell's first big step toward a more technical, mathy post-hardcore sound. Still a bit more melodic and akin to bands like Braid and Sharks Keep Moving but a bit more abrasive than previous releases. More singing than screaming on this one. Members of Stillwell currently play in A Tundra, Locks, Dylan Posa & Three Cheers for One Dead Man, Tirra Lirra, The Winter Me, D. Rider, and Joan of Arc. Last Ditch Effort play somewhat similar music with similar influences, only less distorted with bit of that Cap'n Jazz flair. Members of Last Ditch Effort went on to play in Tale of Genji, Male, ST Monroe, Ling Ling, and more. This is also the first ever release from Forge Again Records.

6 songs | CD


The sixth record in the Forge Again split 7" series, this split features two tracks from Balboa (Philadelphia) and one from Aussitot Mort (France). Balboa plays chaotic melodic hardcore with political lyrics, reminiscent of Majority Rule, Engine Down, and the City of Caterpillar. Aussitot Mort is similar, yet a bit more subdued. Members of Balboa also played in Elder and Pink Eyes. Layout by Jackson Cavanaugh.

3 songs | split 7"


Chicago's Dakota/Dakota and St. Louis's Riddle of Steel team up for the fifth record in the Forge Again split 7" series. Dakota/Dakota played instrumental indie rock that'll put hair on your chest while Riddle of Steel did the melodic indie thing with excellent riffage and oh so pretty vocals. Melodic, dynamic, and intense at the same time. Both bands are defunct. Members of Dakota/Dakota went on to play in Russian Circles.

2 songs | split 7"


Debut release from two of Milwaukee's finest. Temper Temper kick out the jams with those hot dance beats while Call Me Lightning does the balls out rock thing. Temper Temper includes ex-members of Hero of 100 Fights, Insidious, and The Goodboy Suit. Call Me Lightning includes ex-members of Hero of 100 Fights, Akarso, Tintoretto, Managra, and Haymarket Riot. This record is out of print.

2 songs | split 7"


Fordirelifesake cover The Cure's Love Song, while Hewhocorrupts tackles "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses. This was limited to 500 copies(100 on pink w/tour/mailorder sleeves, 200 on pink w/regular silkscreened cover, and 200 on black w/regular silkscreened sleeves) This record is out of print but you can get both of these songs from their respective discography releases.

2 songs | split 7"


Detroit's Rescue and Chicago's Grayson offer up one song each, recorded in the studio together during one incredibly long April day in 2002. Rescue play that technical indie rock stuff while Grayson does it a little more straight forward. Rescue features members of Wafflehouse* and Mycomplex,and formerly of Fordirelifesake. Members of Rescue currently play in The Silent Years, Child Bite, Isles & Glaciers, and We are the Company We Keep. Grayson featured ex-members of Stillwell, Wolfie, The Like Young, and Russian Circles. Members of Grayson currently play in Dylan Posa & Three Cheers for One Dead Man, Old Fake, Follows, and The Winter Me.

2 songs | split 7"


S.T. Monroe play melodic indie rock reminiscent of the Beach Boys and the Beatles while The Like Young, formerly known as Wolfie, played raw melodic rock not unlike the later days of Wolfie. 100 red vinyl copies were only available through mailorder. 200 copies were on gold vinyl with silkscreened chipboard covers Another 200 were on black vinyl with the same chipboard covers. This record is now out of print.

3 songs | split 7"



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